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I use this site as a personal travel blog. I am a developer, so the site is also used to discuss my personal code and test that produced for


  1. Hi..
    Really nice plugin. Can you tell me how i will find all the widgets of your Travel Tools Dashboard?

  2. AW

    March 13, 2012 at 10:20 pm

    Glad you like it. Just noticed the Trip Planning Dashboard on this blog uses old code so the travel news wasn’t working – now rectified. In answer to your question: only 2 of the travel tools are available as widgets. All tools, except one, were written “inhouse” and only “Travel Advice by Country” has been widgetised (for WordPress and Blogger as detailed on this blog) though I am considering providing other tools for WP. The other widget (WIFI) was not written inhouse but obtained via iGoogle directory.

  3. Thanks for your replay…I have a website about travel and tourism. I want the widget flight comparison(widget). Can you please suggest me where I can find that plugin? Like

    • AW

      March 16, 2012 at 7:12 pm

      Hi onjon, the one in the tools was hand crafted by me. I think most of the big reputable comparison sites provide widgets. I also use on other sites as it is good for date flexibility. You can get a non-commission paying search widget direct from their site, if you want commission you have to sign up one of the affiliate networks – when i get chance i’ll email you the details. N.B. don’t expect a massive income from price comparison, think of it more a service to your visitors. None of my sites cover their costs. My dashboard has brought in zero income as bookings have been with non commission budget airlines. Skyscanner has generated a small amount of commission but after a year and a half I’ve yet to reach the payment threshold. I only include products I believe provide my visitors with best value – I am hoping to build up a reputation, so volume and repeat visits compensate for tiny commission rates and cover my costs. But the sad fact is I suspect the easiest way to earn money is to offer high commission paying crap products like dodgy ebooks and get rich schemes.

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