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Driving Safely Abroad

A message from the UK FCO's 'Know Before You Go' campaign in the style of a classic 1950/60's Public Information Broadcast. Read More

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Innocent activities that can get you arrested abroad

Playing bingo, snacking while sitting on a monument or feeding pigeons may seem innocent enough; but each of these activities is illegal in some countries or cities. Read about unusual laws and where they apply. Read More

Vacations and Holidays in Turkey – how to avoid delays at border control.

Traditionally tourists to Turkey have bought a visa "sticker" at border control. If more than one plane landed at the "same" time the lines for the "visa" desk" could be horrendous. You can now apply for an e-Visa online ... Read More

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Over 55s and Holiday Insurance – information from the UK Foreign Office

The FCO has identified that many over 55's travelling abroad do not have holiday insurance or fail to declare medical conditions. If you didn't disclose that you are taking tablets for blood pressure or cholesterol and have a stroke or heart attack abroad your medical costs may not be covered (in the USA these could reach £100,000). Read More

Now with added Customs Rules and Visa Requirements

TravelChimps's aim is to provide access to all the information you need to research your trip, on ONE page. Give it a try. Advice, health, exchange rate; dial code, embassy locator for countries. Plus weather, WIFI hotspots & time difference by town. Read More

New Travel App for Facebook Users

Announcing the swiss army knife of Facebook Travel Apps. From travel and health advice by country, to weather and WIFI location by town; it provides the tools you need to research and plan your trip.
Read More

Travel Tools Dashboard to research your trip have created a travel tools dashboard providing a huge range of  tools for independent and business travellers, backpackers and those on gap year or career break trips.  You can now conduct much of your travel planning and research from one page: Travel advice, vaccination and malaria information, by country. Travel related feeds from USA, ... Read More

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