Cruises from Baltimore
Baltimore Harbor

Baltimore is well situated for those who are living on the eastern seaboard and are interested in taking a cruise to Bermuda, the Bahamas or certain destinations in the northern and eastern Caribbean.

Both the Carnival Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean Cruises offer several exciting vacation packages that last between 5-12 days. Celebrity Cruises also offers vacation cruises from this city, which is itself full of sightseeing possibilities for visitors.

Most cruises out of Baltimore make a number of different stops, with Nassau in the Bahamas, St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands and St. John’s on Antigua being three of the most popular ones. The shorter vacations to Bermuda are generally five or six days long, while the extended cruises to the Caribbean stop at multiple ports and offer visitors the opportunity to experience a myriad of local cultures, attractions and cuisine. The cruises out of Baltimore are usually quite affordable and the departure city itself is within easy reach of everyone living in the middle Atlantic states.

Cruises from Norfolk, Virginia

Norfolk is a key port city in the Hampton Roads area and is easily accessible to millions living in the middle Atlantic states.

Cruises to Nassau and Freeport in the Bahamas are operated by Carnival Cruise Lines and are just under a week in length. The Carnival Glory takes passengers from Norfolk directly to these two destinations on a regular basis, and there is plenty of time to explore both cities and enjoy the wonderful beaches at these favored vacation destinations.

Cruises from Norfolk also include special 2 day sea adventures known as “cruises to nowhere”,
meaning they do not stop at any ports but instead offer vacationers a couple of days on the open sea before returning to the Norfolk cruise terminal. These are perfect for couples who want to spend some relaxing time aboard the Carnival Glory as a simple weekend vacation.

Cruises from Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is a very popular vacation destination for those living in the southern Atlantic states and because it is a seaport, vacationers have the option of combining a trip to this culturally-rich city with an exciting trip to the Bahamas.

Operated by Carnival Cruises, these short trips are from 5-7 days in length and call on the towns of Freeport and Nassau. The longer vacation packages also include stops at Grand Turk Island and Half Moon Cay as well as Key West, Florida. This is an enjoyable way to see the attractions in a number of vacation spots in a very short period of time, while still relaxing on the high seas for the majority of the trip.

These Charleston cruises are quite affordable and because the city of Charleston itself is so close to other major metropolitan areas such as Atlanta, Nashville and Charlotte, it is only a hop, skip and jump from one’s home to the cruise terminal.

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This article was prepared in collaboration with Ashot Hayrapetyan of Cayole Cruises.