See also: still to do

Completed requirements:

  1. option to limit to EU/EEA countries only ?
  2. Geolocation without a 3rd party API (these set cookies and store PII data on their servers). i.e. you would need cookie consent before checking whether its a non-EU visitor which is pointless. ?
  3. work with “all” caching plugins ?
  4. work without server reload ?
  5. acceptance by on-site navigation (soft opt-in see GDPR->Achieving compliance) ?
  6. Scrolling Nag bar on cookie refusal ?
  7. NON-scrolling revoke link added to bottom of footer after cookie acceptance ?
  8. facility to block iframes as well as scripts ?
  9. nag placeholder option for blocked scripts and iframes ?
  10. CSS classes for accept, refuse, revoke; with on-click events (for use in buttons or links)

Functionality yet to be added

Notes: Analytics, Social media and some iframes are set to be handled by this cookie consent demo – I’ve yet set the site for other content to be handled.

Testing: if you have accepted cookies and now want to revoke consent then click the link at the bottom of the footer or go to the Privacy page.