For existing functionality see GDPR project page 1.

Cookie Project – still to do

Functionality and execution

  1. Alternative content/script/iframe based on cookie acceptance e.g. Google Personalized/non-Personalized advert
  2. Add Cookie deletion list functionality i.e. allow some cookie setting on first visit but immediately delete if uses opts to refuse cookies. (This is how the ICO (the UK’s “GDPR Police”) site handles Google Analytics)
  3. CSS classes to display/hide content depending on whether cookies are accepted
  4. Option for Multi level and granular cookie acceptance e.g. choice of essential, functional and 3rd party (may be need for EU directives expected end 2018)
  5. improve code speed

Look and feel

  • Improve look of banners and buttons
  • Improve wording of banners
  • add configuration to choose top or bottom scrolling banners

Longer term

Provide a settings form on WP Admin and allow customisation of banners and wording. (lots of work and unlikely)

For existing functionality see GDPR project page 1.

Testing: if you have accepted cookies and now want to revoke consent then click the link at the bottom of the footer or go to the Privacy page.