The aim of our travel dashboard is to provide you with all the information you need to research your trip, from one page. It covers everything from advice and information by country to weather, WIFI Hotspots, and time difference by town.

The one item lacking was information on entry requirements (e.g. Visas); the cost of a license for up to date visa information was prohibitive.


Entry Requirements (any nationality, any residency, any country), and Customs Rules by country tools have been added to the Trip Planning Dashboard

We could have added a free visa widget from a number of companies (some would even have paid commission).  However; the information provided was either unreliable, insufficiently detailed; or could involve you in an unnecessary payment for a visa you could get online yourself.

Apart from Governments and embassies; IATA is the only provider of entry requirement information that we consider reliable (most international airlines use IATA supplied data).

We’ve now added selection tools to access IATA’s pages and data for both entry requirements and Customs rules.

Give the travel dashboard a try and let us know what you think. Does anything need improving, is there anything you’d like adding?